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Tamrac Camera Case

Having used an old camera case for some time for my Canon PowerShot S95 I decided to get a more suitable one. My requirements were: would allow easy access, would fit the camera snuggly, would have room for a spare battery and would attach to my belt securely. After googling and binging the web I settled for the Tamrac 5686 Ultra-Compact Digital Camera Pouch from Amazon for the reasonable price of  85 SEK/9 €. This is a review of it and what I thought.

First thing to notice was that it did not look as the illustration at either Amazon or at Tamrac. I actually liked the design I got better! Lucky me! 🙂

Yes, the camera fits snuggly – so snuggly it actually sticks out about 5-8 mm on top which I think is quite ok. I certainly prefer that to a bigger case! Width and depth is perfect for the S95. The shape of the case – ever so slightly arc-shaped in the front – fits the slightly protruding barrel of the S95 like it was constructed for it! It just slides into the case without a hinge! The “lid” closes perfectly over the top and the velcro is wide enough to grip very tightly.I do prefer the velcro type of lid to the zip when it comes to easy access! On the positive – or negative – side it does make a noise when you lift the lid!

There is a pocket in the front – about 5 x 7 cm – with an internal velcro about 1 cm down to keep things from sliding out – making the pocket about 5 x 5 cm – if you use the velcro. As you can see in the picture (above right) you might even let a flat object stick out of the pocket if you want to – making the usable size about 5 x 9 cm. The lid closes over the pocket. This pocket is ideal for the camera battery or an extra memory card or any other relatively flat object!

At the back of the case there is a sturdy strap to attach the camera case to your belt.  It is equipped with double velcro!  Both on the inside – like most camera cases I have had – but the Tamrac has an extra velcro on the outside of the strap with a security flap the you fold bach up over it – making the risk of losing the camera seem highly unlikely! This is something I appreciate a lot – having in the past thought of extra security solutions with sewn on carbide hooks and other complications to minimize the risk of dropping/losing the case – and my camera!

The velcro used in the case seems to be of good very sturdy and tightly gripping quality! Time will tell how well it lasts from repeated openings… The fabric also seems well-chosen for its use. Both soft and a little silky and sturdy at the same time. The case is also padded slightly to protect the camera.

The only hang up I have is the very thick plastic badge sewn onto the lid …


The Tamrac 5686 is a really good case that breathes quality and good thinking! I do recommend it for the Canon S95 or similarly sized cameras! (Like Canon S90, Ixus 750, Ixus 860IS, Samsung WB2000…)


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Camera Shortlist

Having used the big World Wide Web, I (with difficulty) managed to cut my shortlist down to five new cameras to consider. There are MANY really GOOD cameras out there and making this selection took a lot of reading and searching for information – not always very easy to get – about my particular requirements.

Two cameras that (I am sorry to say) had to go was the Canon Ixus 300 HS and Canon S90 – sorry because I have really liked the Canons I have had so far … the handling of my Ixus 860 IS was really easy and fast. I assume that the 300 HS and the S90 both would have handled very well … Also the pictures from the diffrent Canon cameras produce very similar-looking pictures whitch is very good when you mix pictures! But they had to go for the following reasons:

The Canon 300 HS does not sport full HD move, the screen is just 230000 pixels and zoom is 28-105 mm – all of which is a underachieving today – but is as good as my Ixus 860 IS + better 720 HD movie! What killed it was its 3″ widescreen 😦 – using only the 3/4 in the middle for showing pictures (<2.5″ usable screen)! Using such a low resolution screen after my EOS 550D superb screen was NOT acceptable – I decided!

The Canon s90 underachieaved with the zoom (28-105 mm) as well – but was also featurewise very close to my Ixus 860 IS – but what killed it today was its 640×480 movie mode. With 720 HD I would have kept it on the shortlist. (I just saw that Canon released the S95 – with 720 HD video! Sorry Canon – and me! Just a little too late!)

Working my way through the relatively new cameras – searching for the technical facts and features – and hopefully – getting them right… I finally got it down to the following five cameras which all has 24 mm (25 mm) wide angle 5x (10x) zoom lenses:

  • Panasonic DMC-FX700
  • Samsung WB2000
  • Sony DSC-WX5
  • Sony DSC-HX5V
  • Sony DSC-TX9

Panasonic DMC-FX700
A 14 Mpix sensor is a little on the high side and not back lit. Good fast lens – f 1:2.2 and good close up distance of 3 cm. Let down by its 230 000 pixel screen. Really good long shutter times 60 sec manual and 8 sec automatic! Panorama support for taking adjoining pictures. Mysterious wide angle limit of 29 mm when filming! Good battery life.

Samsung WB2000
10 Mpix backlit sensor. Good fast lens – f 1:2.4 and good close up distance of 5 cm. VERY promising Amoled screen 614 000 pixel screen. Good long shutter times 16 sec manual but only 1 sec automatic! Sweep panorama support. Unknown battery life.

Sony DSC-WX5
12 Mpix backlit sensor. Good fast lens – f 1:2.4 and good close up distance of 5 cm. OK screen 460 000 pixel screen but “only” 2.8″Limited long shutter times 2 sec manual and only 1 sec automatic! Sweep panorama support. Very tempting 3D support! Unknown battery life. But why 5 hour battery charge!?

10 Mpix backlit sensor. Not so fast lens – f 1:3.5 but 10x zoom and good close up distance of 5 cm. Let down by its 230 000 pixel screen. Good long shutter times 30 sec manual but only 1 sec automatic! Sweep panorama support. GPS! Good battery life. But why 5 hour battery charge!?

Sony DSC-TX9
12 Mpix backlit sensor. Not so fast lens – f 1:3.5 and only 4x but good close up distance of only 1 cm. Very good 3.5″ screen 921 000 pixel. Limited long shutter times 2 sec manual and only 1 sec automatic! Sweep panorama support. Very tempting 3D support! Medium battery life.

Table summary:

As I said before I have really tried to find the correct info on these cameras – for my own sake – if you see any errors please let me know and I will correct them.

More tomorrow!

Till then…

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