This blog will be mostly about cameras and related stuff 
. I will start out with how I went about buying a new digital compact camera.

I have been a very keen photographer for over 45 years – that is for most of my life! Having owned and used analog cameras (the last one: EOS 100 – I liked it a lot!) for many years and developing and printing black & white paper pictures and using colour slide film. Then, almost over night, I changed to DIGITAL – and I have not looked back! Having gone through Canon EOS 350D, 450D and now 550D and a few compact cameras Minolta F200, Nikon 5200, Canon Ixus 750 IS, 860 IS and Samsung WB2000 (returned) and now Canon PowerShot S95. I have certainly seen the rapid development of digital camera technology.

When it comes to full blown camera reviews – which covers all the nitty gritty details – I do recommend Digital Photography Review for their really super in-depth reviews. I am not going to compete with their reviews – could not if I wanted to – but rather look at other things in a much smaller scale. Things that I from experience know is important – at least to me! I will definitely gloss over some things and others will gloss over other things. So you should read several reviews to get a complete picture!

My whole life I have been working with solving problems and improving solutions so I guess I will not be able to resist giving the manufacturers some FREE advice (look out for the blue text) on how to improve their camera from a users perspective – and that user being me! I do realize that all designs is a compromise on what is possible, what is desirable, what sounds good, what costs least, etc … but quite often you see a design and wonder how in the #¤%& the designer was thinking..! It would be great fun meeting, for a day, with the designer(s) of cameras and stuff that I have bought over the years! Any takers? Samsung…? 😉

I will give my view on whether I like or do not like something! Some of you might agree 🙂 with me … and others might not 😦 ! What I am trying to do is to describe and point out things that other reviewers might miss out on – so that you will know and be able to decide if that particular thing matters to you … or not! 

Knowing your requirements is one of the most important things when it comes to selecting a camera – or anything else for that matter! 😉 No one else can tell you what your requirements should be … even if I might try to give you some hints 😉 as to what I think is mostly “fluff” – requirement wise – and what I believe to be important … but in the end YOU have to decide what is important to YOU!

I have always been interested in usability and logic so my reviews will certainly include a large potion of that. Talking about usability – my blog has been designed to work with different screenwidths and to use the existing full width. It looks best at 1280×1024 pixels but should work with 1024×768 as well as higher resolutions.

© Copyright on all pictures and text is mine.

Happy reading – and do give comments if you feel like it!

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