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Taking pictures with Rain


A few weeks ago it really rained “cats and dogs” so I thought that I would do a small “research” into how rain turned out at different shutter times! I was standing under cover on the front porch in a small cottage out in the country. I had an apple tree nearby which contrasted well against the falling rain! I would say that the rain was pretty much constant during my picture series!

Depending on how much of a “rain feeling” you want in your picture you can pick different shutter times! I did 4 different times 1/25, 1/50, 1/125 and 1/320 sec. The shortest time gives a very short “line” for each drop, whilst the longest time gives a pretty long line! Also remember that (naturally) it will be more rain seen in a picture taken with a longer shutter time …

This is not “rocket science” exactly but I thought it would be nice to have a small reference series of pictures to simplify the guesswork a little! (Just click the pictures to see a bigger version!)

Using even shorter shutter times than 1/320 will gradually make the rain drops to appear as dots! Using longer times will turn the rain into a sort of “haze”.



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