Canon PowerShot S95 – The Box

The Canon PowerShot S95 arrived yesterday – after a very quick and free delivery from Amazon UK! Just four days – to Sweden – and they said it might be around 10 days – so I was very surprised to see it so quickly! It was a very dark night and the first real heavy autumn rain had started but I of course set out like Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the rain..!  😉

It is a very compact box – and quite heavy for being such a small box! Very subtle design in a bluish color as you can see on the picture to the left. With great excitement and expectations I opened the box. As I cut the box seal in the lower righthand corner I just remembered that I had (once again!) forgot to ask for the proper EU-plug for the battery charger…! 😦  But as you will see that little problem had already been solved for me!

I remembered checking the web for information on the box content and (at least my quick search) did not turn up any answers. Here it is! It is filled to the brim with stuff!

The box contained the following:

  • The Canon S95 Camera in a plastic fiber bag
  • A Li-Ion battery in a small plastic bag with a little cover
    Type NB-6L 1000 mAh (min 900 mAh)
  • A wrist-strap
  • Manual/software Kit
  • Battery Charger in a plastic bag
    Input: 100-240Volt 50/60 Hz, Output: 4.2 Volt 700mA
  • A white USB interface cable in a plastic bag
  • A Stereo AV Cable in a plastic bag
  • A Mains Power Cable for the batter charger
    Equiped with a 3-pin UK plug
  • A Mains Power Cable for the batter charger
    Equiped with a compact EURO plug

The thought of supplying two power cables I liked – and was thinking that I like this the type of  “Apple like” product where it at least seems as if some great thinking has gone into it! (It might on the other hand just be cheaper to do it this way!) Let us hope that the same amount of thinking has gone into the camera! Going to England next time I will not have to bring and adapter – as long as I can find the extra power cable! 😉

I noticed a few things at once:
The wrist-strap has no little tightening “ring” on it like my previous ones from the Ixus-line. Nothing much to complain about – but that tightening “device”  gave a little extra security – could have been handy on this little beauty!
Another thing I noticed was that (I think this must the first camera ever that I have seen with this!) it has TWO holes for attaching the wrist-strap – one on the left and one on the right!
Talking about cables, as always … there is no HDMI cable included!

I have sent for two NB-6L compatible batteries from Deal extreme – for just over 68 SEK/7 EURO/$10 – for two! Look forward to a review on those as they should arrive in 10-12 days…

Continuing the review of the Canon S95 soon!


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