Sample Photos White Balance Samsung WB2000

I have been asked if I have more sample pictures from my Samsung WB2000. I have put up two more that shows how the WB2000 white balance for “Cloudy Weather” . Now, technically speaking these two pictures I took in the shade – not in cloudy weather – but there is no special white balance setting for “Shade” so “Cloudy Weather” had to do!

Both of these samples are full 10MPix and have not been edited in any way – except changing the filenames. Just click the picture to see the full size! The Exif info should give you all info on the picture. Both pictures have used the Program mode – P mode – with everything else set to automatic – but flash off. (Well – I changed the white balance in the second picture.)

Afternoon light. Standing in the shade of a house with the plants getting a mix of mostly light from the blue sky above with a little sunlight reflecting from sunlit trees.

Settings: Multi segment exposure metering. Auto white balance. Contrast normal. Sharpness normal. Saturation normal. Wide angle 24 mm used. P mode used. Set for auto ISO – which selected ISO 160. Shutter time 1/30 and f-stop 2.8.

Result: Exposure is a little overexposed, saturation is a little low and white balance is a little blueish! Contrast is a little low. Sharpness is quite good! Very little noise.

Settings: Multi segment exposure metering. Cloudy weather white balance. Contrast normal. Sharpness normal. Saturation normal. Wide angle 24 mm used. P mode used. Set for auto ISO – which selected ISO 120. Shutter time 1/30 and f-stop 2.8.

Result: Exposure is a little better, saturation is a little low and white balance is better but maybe a little too yellow! WB halfway in between would have been ideal. Sharpness is quite good! Very little noise.

There is a very slight difference in exposure between these two pictures – the camera chose to lower the ISO-value used from 160 to 120! This lowered the number of overexposed pixels from just over 74 000 to less than half. These pixels are mostly localized to the white on the window.

My feeling is that both of these pictures are too “light” – that is slightly overexposed, or at least they feel a bit unsaturated or maybe it is the contrast that is too low. Increasing contrast and saturation certainly makes these pictures more pleasing – to my eye. There is two other ways to change the white balance: measure white balance or set it manually! What I wanted to find out was this cameras ability to handle most settings automatically so I settled only for the simplest alternative: to select a preset white balance. I also do not want to have to process every picture after it is taken – therefore I want the pictures to look as great as possible out of the camera!

I have a really mysterious piece of software that I once got on a magazine cover: Ashampoo Photo Optimizer. This software has no settings whatsoever – you just click the “Optimize” button and it does its thing. It is really hit and miss – some pictures gets an impressively good “kick”, others turn out worse and others does not change at all! Note that it is NOT just changing the contrast, saturation, hue on the whole picture – it analyzes the picture and then applies its “magic” differently across the picture. I tried this out on the AWB picture and got this result! An improvement I think – slightly more saturated and slightly more contrast. I could have done something similar i IrfanView or Photoshop but this was soo simple. (It also cut the size in half …)




  1. #1 by hill on November 1, 2010 - 10:29

    I can see that the results of the different kinds of white balance are different. Thanks for the test.

    • #2 by sfennl on November 1, 2010 - 17:49

      White balance is a tricky thing – to get it right with just one setting for shade/cloud has to be a compromise! 7000K and 6000K is often used when you have two settings. I do not know what the Samsung uses in its one setting. The alternative is to measure or manually set the color temperature – both of which you can do on the Samsung – which is good! On a point-and-shoot camera I would have liked to have both shade/cloud settings.

  2. #3 by MannyDLights on December 3, 2010 - 23:59

    This camera is amazing using the green smart button… I have used all modes and it’s amazing on that mode from focusing, colors, and WB …. The camera is pretty awesome ! Video is great see the link to see vids on my youtube channel ….. It’s great and better than the Canon S95 I just returned ….. I am very happy with the quality of this small camera.

    • #4 by sfennl on December 4, 2010 - 14:53

      I agree with you! The Samsung WB2000/TL350 is an amazing camera in many ways! I was really sad to send it back! As you I see in my review – I got a blueish cast on my shade picture and automatic white balance (which is not uncommon among cameras) – but using the shade wb setting it turned out too yellow instead. Also the colour saturation was low on many pictures! I have tried to find out if the not so good results I got was just my sample! I see both opinions in forums around the web… We will see how my S95 performs! Glad to hear you are satisfied with your TL350!

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