Camera sent back!

After a good nights sleep – and looking through all the test photos I have taken so far, I decided to try and return the camera. It is now waiting for the shop to decide if the will take it back or not …

I can not help but feel a little sad for I had started to like the WB2000 for its cool retro design, its fantastic Amoled screen, silent handling of focus and zoom, its cool features and for its good photos in sunlight and indoors! As I have said before I take a lot of photos every year so having to manually rotate them i quite a big minus for me – but what really tipped my decision was the image quality – that I would have to interveen every time the clouds were out – and they are out far to often here in Sweden! 😉 The saturation and the white balance in cloudy and shady conditions is not very well handled automatically by this camera! Yes, I can fix it by changing the white balance and the saturation and maybe the exposure as well … Yes, this is something that is not handled perfectly by many cameras (if any?) but usually handled better! At least so well that I can fix it in my image software afterwards.

If they take it back I will have to start my selection all over again 🙂 – and I will write about that but I will also try and wrap the WB2000 review up. I will move all the WB2000 posts to a special WB2000-category nestled under “Camera Reviews”.

Till tomorrow…


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