Missing feature!

Hi again!

At least today I am taking a break from writing the review. This is because I have to decide if I should return the camera or not! (Still have a day or so before I must decide…)

As you have seen in my previous posts I have gone through a lot of the camera features of the Samsung WB2000. I have found a lot of good things, cool things and generally a lot to like! I have also found things that I think would make the WB2000 an even better camera if they were redesigned/reworked! (All my blue stuff – 5 areas in total – so far! ;-)) Maybe you agree with me that those areas need rework – or you might not. Now you at least know something more about the camera and can use that “knowledge” in deciding for yourself. Most technical facts on the camera can be found just by googling! How it is to use and handle is harder to find. That has been my attempted contribution with this review … and also maybe to see something through someone elses eyes …

Someone over at a dpreview forum asked about the image quality. As I write a little every day I have not gotten to that part yet but in summary I can say:
The pictures I have taken so far looks good, quite sharp with very little noise even at higher ISO values (around ISO 400-800). Compared to my current standard, the Canon EOS 550D, they look a little faded (less saturated colours) in some pictures – but not all – easily fixed with the “Vivid” setting. Especially in the shade where the green looks a little too bluish – but that is easily fixed with the shade WB. I will see about my review – I will try to finish that and have a proper section on image aspects, and HD movies and….
(I have just put up some sample photos in a forum on dpreview – http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readflat.asp?forum=1001&message=36268336 have a look – I will put them up here as well … soon…)

Features that need rework or not … DO NOT missintrerpret my “advice” to Samsung, I think the Samsung WB2000 is quite a nice little camera – with a lot going for it – especially  for such a reasonable price! That is what is making it soo hard to decide – should I keep it or not? Should ONE(?) small(?) missing feature – orientation sensor – really matter so much? Last night I thought so – today I am not so shure…

There have been five blue things:

  • The Wheel very confusing and frustrating! Really bad! Can be used – but not very well!
    This mattered to me – I will/would be using this!
    With this I say it again: Samsung – please rework this! – A new firmware maybe …?
  • Dual image stabilisation – A very “sales gimicky” approach to “Auto ISO” – which would have been more usefull!
    Can live with that!
  • Five cool settings that can not be combined – use only ONE at a time!
    This might be due to technical issues that would have made the camera more expensive… so it might be an unreasonable request?
    But it would have been handy to be able to use the “Smart range” every now and then … whithout having to switch of “Vivid colours”…
    I do not see myself using so many of these so often so I can live with that!
  • Digital zoom blocking was implemented in a “funny” way!
    Would have been better with a setting in the menu!
    I can live with that as well
  • Missing orientation sensor!
    This really threw me – last night!
    Thought this was standard on all new cameras! And the WB2000 sure is new!
    Can I live with this? Sure – but I feel it is very annoying – with a camera that is so full of features of lesser importance!

Is it really only ONE small(?) missing feature? Small nags like these above tend to add up though in a mysterious way – like an itch that you after a while just have to reach and scratch! Each one of these alone definitely does not pass the limit but together …  hmmm … I guess the feature in most need of a rework by Samsung is “the Wheel” which will baffle and annoy everyone(!?) – yes it can be used – but I would like to hear what the Samsung testers said about that function when they tried it out! I have not yet written so much about the image quality – but I would like a small change to the standard/normal setting: to have a little more saturation and a little warmer images in cloudy and shady situations. This can easily be corrected with the settings on offer – but considering how some of the settings block out each other it would be handy to have it there from the beginning … I have to weigh all the good things this camera has and its very good price against nags and shortcommings like the above… and come up with what I want to do with the camera. Keep it or return it…?

Till tomorrow…



  1. #1 by pvav on September 25, 2010 - 20:29

    I agree with all your reservations (specialy with undersaturated and blueish pictures). I have other one – very poor battery life. I am happy when I take 100 pictures/battery. What are your experiences.

  2. #2 by sfennl on September 25, 2010 - 22:37

    Yes, I agree with that. Very short battery life! I kept charging the battery all the time! I have not had time to write about that yet! I actually bought two extra batteries from Deal Extreme for $7 each. 😉 I assumed the short battery life was because I “played” a lot with the camera as it was new… maybe the battery life would have improved if I had stopped “playing”? Now I will never know – because I sent it back!
    (My Canon EOS 550D did 827 pictures (50 with flash) during a 4 hour photo shoot on one battery with just the double battery capacity…!)

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