Review Samsung WB2000 – part 3

Continuing the review with the next button that also has a big number of settings – but not as staggering as the “Menu”-button. I am talking about the “Fn” button. A number of settings are just a quicker way to set the same settings as in the Menue. You save one or two presses (depending on function) compared to the Menu. This remembers which setting you were at last time you used the “Fn”-button. This is reset to “Photo size” when you switch of the camera.

The “Fn”-button gives quick access to the following:

  • Photo size: 9 settings from 10-1 Mpix including wide screen and even rectangular formats!
    Very impressive I think!
  • Quality: Super fine, Fine and Normal – in jpg. And you can add RAW to all of these!
    Quite impressive! Not many compact cameras have RAW!
  • EV compensation: +- 2 EV
  • White balance: Automatic, Sun, Cloud, High Florescent, Low Florescent, Tungsten, Measure or Set Kelvin
    Here the Set Kelvin stands out!
  • Metering: Spot, Multi area and Center weighted average
    Also a little impressing – not many compacts in this price range has all these to choose from!
  • Face detection: Face, Self portrait (beeps when it detects a face – you press the shutter), Smile (Camera takes a picture when it sees a smile), Blink (it takes two pictures if it detects a blinking eye),  Favorite Faces (Let registered faces take priority when focusing several people in the same picture)
    Can be handy – I guess – but it can be slow in reacting to faces…
  • Focus: Centre, Multi focus, Select and Tracking
    Tracking is quite cool – but like face detection – can be a little slow in reaction. Don’t know if I can trust it … will have to use it more to see
  • Photo style: Sketch, Distinct, Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic (B&W), Negative and RGB
    Except for sketch which offers a rather plesant charcoal type of B&W picture, all the others just changes either the saturation or hue.
    RGB is impressive – you can set the balance of Red, Green and Blue according to your own taste.
  • Smart Filter: Off, Miniature, Vignetting and Fish Eye
    Cool features… OOUUPS! Just discovered something BAD! 😉
  • OIS: On or Off

I have to jump the gun here and say it out loud: The Samsung WB2000 does NOT have an orientation sensor! Normally I just let my photo processing software deal with a lossless transformation according to the orientation sensor information embedded in the EXIF-data for each picture! Without that info YOU have to manually rotate every single one of the “portrait”-style pictures! If you like me takes several thousand pictures per year this is one VERY important feature! Which I just forgot about since all my cameras for the past 5 years have had it.
Samsung rework this!!!!!

My fault I guess! It should have been up there on my requirements for my new compact! This is something I DO NOT want to live without! (In a camera that is – well quite good otherwise also…!)

I am at the moment considering to try to return the camera and redo my selection process! I do hope the webshop will accept it back! I will call them tomorrow! Anyone interested in a few spare batteries and an external charger? 😉

This really makes me soooo sad – how could I have missed it – and how could Samsung have missed it?!!!?

This camera sure is something else – packed with lots of really cool features – albeit usable only one at a time! REALLY advanced stuff like RAW and digital processing and FULL HD movies! But misses out on a measly little thing like NO orientation sensor! I know I am overreacting a bit here … but its is like building a car without wheels! Well … maybe whithout the AC! Or at least with no automatic switch off of the turn indicators… 😉 This issue can be nothing, small or BIG depending on your own requirements – at least now you know it is missing!

I liked this camera so much in spite of its shortcommings … that I was prepared to oversee those (well I did not require them anyhow) misses…

But … NO orientation sensor! I will have to sleep on this – if I can! Tomorrow I will know what options I have!

I discovered it when I was testing out the Smart Filter miniature setting. I realised that I had NOT tested to see if the “miniature” processing followed with the orientation. It DID NOT! Which means that the Smart Filter miniature setting is only suitable for “landscape” type of pictures – if you don’t want the “miniature” effect sideways! Mean anything to you that you only can use it in landscape mode? Might or not! But it is a restriction…

I am signing off now! By tomorrow I will see if I have the option to start the selection all over again!

Till then…


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