Review Samsung WB2000 – Box content

I am holding it right now! Well almost – as I am typing – but I think you know what I mean!

I will give away something: It is both gorgeous and terribly annoying at the same time! Read on and I will explain why I feel like that!

In this review I will both go over some of the specification of the WB2000 (but not all of it as you can find that on the Samsung site … ) and my views on some of the features. Concerning facts I will concentrate on the slightly more difficult to find facts that you usually do not find in the fact sheets. Fair or not, I will be comparing it every now and then with my trusted old Canon Ixus 860 IS.

The box contains: the camera, a battery, a short handstrap,  a “travel” charger, a short USB charging lead,a quickstart booklet and a CD. Not much to say about the box itself.

The charger and battery
A little let down I think is that the charger is only for charging the battery while it is in the camera!  If you have just one battery that would not matter much but it is not very practical if you a have extra batteries. It is also fairly slow (takes several hours – I will be back with the hours and minutes later). This is actually my FIRST camera ever to charge the battery in the camera itself – so I was a little surprised and maybe a little dissapointed! The charging lead is a short  (50 cm incl contacts) special lead with one larger contact with a built in quite bright LED (red, yellow, green) to conect to the camera – the LED shifts from red to green and gives a very clear indication when the charge is finished. Included in the box is one Samsung battery (SLB-11A 3.8V 1130 mAh).
The (EU) charger itself is fairly compact, handles 100-240 V, 50-60Hz and outputs only 4.4 V 400 mA via the USB socket it is equipped with – which maybe explains why it is such a slow charger. I have ordered an “external” charger from Amazon for £7.77 to remedy this shortcomming – maybe as slow but at least I can use the camera while charging my other battery – and I can actually charge two batteries at the same time!
If you are like me, you will use the camera the most while you are travelling. Calling such a slow in-camera charger a travel charger shure beats me … A small FAST external charger would have done the trick and earned the name travel charger for me!  The Canon external charger wheighs in at 58 gr versus the Samsung 72 gr – to be honest, in EU you have to add a short powerlead to the Canon charger bringing up the total to 136 gr. The Canon charger outputs 700 mA making it a snappier charger…

The handstrap
A short thing to put around your wrist. One would think that there is not a lot to say about a handstrap – and there isn’t! Exept perhaps that it is just that: a handstrap – a simple loop to put around your wrist. The Canon handstrap has a little plastic “ring” so that you can “tighten” the strap around your wrist making it sits there more securly. Not much to talk about or complain about – but that little ring it gives you a much better feeling of security – stopping the handstrap from sliding off …

The Booklet and CD
A printed “getting started” guide and a CD with manuals in  lot of diffrent languages and software for transfering pictures from the camera to the comtputer and to process them – also the RAW pictures thet the camera can produce! I will be getting back to this later if there is any interest…

Finally I arrive at the camera itself! I will split the review up in diffrent areas as I go along…

See you soon…



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