Making the selection

Having done the bulk of work by finding all the facts – the selection turned out a lot easier then I thought! I have to point out that at this stage I am working only with camera features! I would VERY much like to have had lots of reviews to read, sample galleries from REAL amateur photographers – but as these cameras are so new little or nothing existed to help me in my selection process. I do hope that this early review will help some of my many (zero at the moment) readers out there!

The Samsung WB2000/TL 350 actually missed out (featurewise!) only on not having the best (longest) automatic exposure time and having “sweep panorama” instead of support for taking adjoining pictures (locked exposure, locked white balance and showing part of previous picture for easy alignment). The Amoled screen was a bonus as the fully manual mode.

Some of the other cameras came very very close – but as I have already revealed I picked the Samsung WB2000!

Even now – after that I have ordered it but before I have it in my hands – I worry if I have done the right choice … the little experience I have from Samsung products is that their handling and usability is not quite up to par with their many cool features! This opinion seems to exist here and there on the web. I do hope that this little camera has better handling then my Samsung harddisk recorder!

I have just received notification from the post that I have a box waiting for me …

Soooon I will start to see how well it handles!

Till tomorrow – when I will start my reviwew of the Samsung WB200/TL350




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