Hello world!

This blog will be about things I do. I will start out with how I went about buying a new digital compact camera. Over time it will be a sort of review of cameras that I own – compared to cameras I have owned.

My whole life I have been working with solving problems and improving solutions so I guess I will be giving Samsung FREE advice (look out for the blue text) on how to improve their camera from a users perspective – the user beeing me! I do realize that all designs is a compromise on what is possible, what is desirable, what sounds good, what costs least, etc … but quite often you see what is just bad design decissions! It would be great fun meeting for a day with the designer(s) of this camera that I have bought!

I have just seen that my new camera is in the post and should arrive in just a few days. My plan is to write about first the selection process and then move over to a review of the new camera – with some comparisons to my previous camera (Canon Ixus 860 IS – that I really liked) that I lost a few weeks ago.

The camera that I have ordered is the brand new Samsung WB2000 (Samsung TL350) – I am very exited about it. It sure sounds good on paper with soo many cool features! This must be one of the most feature packed cameras I have ever seen … but I have not held it in my hands yet!


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